Links to Nearby Rated USCF Chess Tournaments and Events

This page lists events such as quads and tournaments in the tri-state area.  For a listing of chess clubs and their meeting times please see our page on nearby Chess Clubs.  Scholastic players can play in any event.  Results for weekday events are posted when the swiss event is over. Swiss events typically are 4 to 6 week events
  • Please confirm all events!  We post to the best of our knowledge, but the event timing may be changed and we may not be aware of a change.
  • If you are a new player, you will need to join US Chess at Become a Member | US to play in these rated events. Please do so ahead of arriving!

USCF TLA listings for Tournaments:
Continental Chess Association tournaments

Great web site with and tournament listings for all states.  It also has live results on major tournaments!

Routine Local Monthly Events: