Links to Nearby Rated USCF Chess Tournaments and Events

This page lists local run quads and tournaments in the tri-state area.  For a listing of chess clubs and their meeting times please see our page on nearby Chess Clubs.  Scholastic players can play in any event.  Results for weekday events are posted when the swiss event is over. Swiss events typically are 4 to 6 week events
  • Please confirm all events!  We post to the best of our knowledge, but the event timing may be changed and we may not be aware of a change.
  • If you are a new player, you will need to join US Chess at Become a Member | US to play in these rated events. Please do so ahead of arriving!

There are also a number of nationally run events within 100 miles of the Philadelphia area. Visit our USCF tournament listings page for a list of these events.

SPECIAL WEST CHESTER CHESS CLUB EVENT:  On Thursday June 9th, the club will be holding a USCF rated Quad!   Games will be game 30 minutes with a delay of 5 seconds.   Quads allow you to play against players of similar strength.  Each player will play 3 games in this one evening event!  An active USCF ID is required, along will proof of full vaccination.  Please show up by 7:15 to register.  Play will begin at 7:30. Cost to play is free! No prize money.

To help us run this event:

1. Preset clock to G30;d5 (30 minutes with 5 second delay (not increment)) prior to attending the event.
2. Bring a clock, chess set and board. Don’t rely on your opponent to have them.
3. If this is your first time at the club bring and have ready your full vaccination card.
4. If this is your first time at the club bring and have ready your USCF identification.
5. Everyone, please double check that your USCF membership has not expired. Because of the time constraints we will not help to renew or enroll you in the USCF.
6. Bring a pencil or pen. Only score sheets will be provided, if needed.
7. Be on time. Pairings will be made promptly at 7:30. Don’t risk the trip and not be able to play.
Optional: If you’d like to join our club bring $15 cash. Dues are prorated per quarter from the $20 annual dues which we collect from everyone in January. You can play free at any of our events, but if you continue to come, we ask that you formally join us.


Local USCF Rated Events:


West Chester Club Swiss - ONE MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED (and show proof) TO PLAY.  Masks required.


Main Line Chess and Games - Paoli, PA

3rd Saturday Quads in Milford DE - June 18th

  • Please let Dean know you are coming. His email is
  • Calvary Church, 301 SE Front St, Milford, DE 19963
  • Benson Hall room. Enter from East end of the church
  • Reg. 9:00 - 9:45 am, EF: 25.00; First place: $50, Second $20
  • RD, 1, 10:00, Rd. 2, 2 pm, Rd 3, 5pm, All round times may need to be adjusted.
  • This is a rated tournament so a USCF membership is required, and all USCF rules will apply! This membership must be up to date.
  • Please bring your chess set and clock, none will be provided
  • Time control: 90, d5
  • Lunch will be provided.
  • Handicap accessible
  • Tournament history

4th Saturday Quads North East, MD - June 25th

Exton, PA Events at 660 Commons sponsored by the Tri Bridges Chess Club

  • Awaitng announcement of dates and times
  • For more information, contact Joshua Anderson,

Hershey USCF Scholastic and Open Quads - Awaiting announcement of date and time

SJIC Scholastic Chess Quads - Awaiting announcement of date and time

SJIC Open Quads - Awaiting announcement of date and time